Beliefs - what we experience is what we actually believe


If we were to really get it how beliefs are holding us back to have a happy, content and ecstatic life we would have no trouble to let them go. However even the belief to have to hold on to beliefs is a belief. Beliefs that don’t serve us keep us in duality, keep us separate and are not true. The paradoxical thing is that they do their utmost to keep us trapped. After all they (our divisive identity) want to survive by all means. They often sound really good and we fall for them.
We all have some unconscious beliefs that run our lives. However the more conscious we live and the more we become aware of our inner experiences the more we have an opportunity to drop these unconscious beliefs that don’t serve us.
In conversation with people I notice how many beliefs we have adopted from our culture or our family without checking if they are true.
I know a woman who is a Buddhist meditator. She told me that her friend called her because she is sad and wants some company. The good cultural thing to do is to feel sorry for the friend and in that keep her in her belief of what caused her sadness to begin with.
When we experience sadness or grief we might have a belief of expecting certain things from others, like,
“I wanted him, her to do this or that and they didn’t do it.”
“This shouldn’t have happened.”
“He promised such and such and didn’t keep his promise.”
What if we replace these beliefs with a new definition?
“I have no expectation on others whatsoever and allow others to give freely, of their own accord, with love?”
Making promises is often a great trap all around. How often do we give promises that we don’t really mean? Or that someone else obliges us into? Or that we actually have no clue what implications they have? Like taking oaths or giving marriage vows.
Aware people who respond in the moment from an expanded consciousness don’t need to give promises. They simply do what is the  most loving thing to in the moment.
Then there is a belief that it takes time to grieve. It takes as long as we insist it to should take. Again when we check within ourselves and notice that we had a certain idea, ‘a belief of what should have been – like the spouse not dying or leaving us’ and instead know as a certainty that whatever happens is always, always, always for the best of all involved.
We know this from our life experience – how often do we hear from people who had experienced the most horrible torture that they wouldn’t have wanted it any other way because they learned so much from it.
This brings me to share that it is always up to us how we look at anything, any situation. It’s never a particular happening that matters but how we respond to it, what we do or don’t do about it.
How many people spend thousands of dollars on medications because they can’t sleep. I have found that we don’t fall asleep when we are either too excited - high energy - or if there are unresolved emotions and thoughts keeping us awake. What if we were to look at what belief causes these emotions instead of spending money on sleeping pills or health practitioner visits?
Why are we so worried when we can’t sleep? Another belief sneaks in – “If I don’t sleep enough I can’t do my job.”  What if we were to ask for extra energy when required. There is an infinite supply available when we really want it. We have all experienced that – e.g. when you are tired in the evening and then a friend calls and invites you for something you really are interested in.
When people get a cold or a flu they believe that they got a virus in school or some other environment. After many rainy days people often get colds or when they are stressed. How many people take flu shots instead of noticing that they get a flu because they belief a virus gives them a flu. I don’t believe any of that and I don’t get a flu. If I feel even the slightest onset of any dis-ease I take time to rest, relax and reflect and then I don’t have to actually get sick.
I have found that allergies in the early spring or fall happen to those people who believe in getting it.
The belief in sickness is so rampant that we have a huge economy thriving on all the aspects of it.
Many people have a belief that life is difficult and a burden. We worry about safety and security. We fear so many impossible things. We believe the bad news 100%. We trust negativity in a very gullible way. Good News Newspapers have never made it yet – because people don’t believe in good news. Isn’t that interesting! Why do people want to hear bad news? It’s keeping people stuck in their separatist identity. Bad news resonate with many people still, it’s the old familiar story.

After we have trodden the difficult negative path long enough we are ready to embrace the path of synchronicity. Our awareness has reached a point where we know that we have created the negative path. That knowing tells us that we are also capable to create a beautiful path, one that we truly prefer – inner harmony that reflects without.