Healing on different levels

The other day I met literally 15 people who in conversation talked about their sickness—breast cancer, lung cancer, bone cancer, knee-problems, replaced hip, arthritis in fingers, heart attack, chest flu, skin problems, bladder infection, accident, hip problem, obesity, depression, compulsive behaviour.
Now when you meet these many people with health-conditions in one or two days, and I am not much among people in general, then it is clear that a strong message is being delivered. 
As a child I had many health issues and I had an overall sense that the medical system was not able to help me in dealing with my diseases. With that attitude I developed a strong somewhat negative inclination to never want to have to deal with medical professionals ever again.
I studied to use natural treatments and I also learned to look within.
Over time as I became more aware I realized that the point is not whether the medical system can help or not. Also if I write them off it’s a way of judging them.
I realized that I am the creator of my health. It is in looking at what belief-patterns are running, mostly in the background, that bring forth disease which in turn allows me to see how I wish to redefine my reality.
As I am in charge of how I respond to all that happens to me I want to be very clear how I define my life. Most belief-patterns I have unconsciously adopted from my family or my culture or my society. They are not what I wish to keep propagating and thus causing myself a life that I don’t prefer.
I don’t have to buy into the mostly still current beliefs in regards to illness—how real disease is and all the stories we tell ourselves daily that validate and justify disease. I don’t have to subscribe to the idea that disease is solely caused by a virus or stress generated by others or an emotional response due to some external circumstances.
For years I have observed that pains in our bodies or diseases seem to be there sometimes but not always. I asked myself how can something be there sometimes and then be gone. I realized that disease is more malleable than we have believed it to be. I found that we can talk ourselves into believing that we have a disease. When we are in a negative frame of mind we can easily contract some illness. Fear produces a host of diseases.
We all have our favourite weak body-parts that seem to get ill. For some it’s the throat or the skin, for others the heart, or the stomach or hips…

The good news is that disease carries a message for us, like everything in life and there is nothing that we have to look at from a negative perspective. All is meant for our best, no matter what we thought so far.
Besides accepting WHAT IS in the moment with grace and gratitude, knowing that everything has a benevolent purpose for our growth and evolution there are ways we can live a healthy lifestyle that prevent many diseases.

I have found the following to be essential and I have seen these same items to be the foundation for health from many other sources.
They are breathing fresh air, drinking sufficient pure water, exercising our body, cleansing our body from toxins, reducing stress and eating a healthy diet that is beneficial not only for our body, but mind and spiritual development.
I have learned many practices over the years and I experienced many benefits from them. I found some very instrumental in maintaining great health. My life has become simpler, easier, more joyful and my health is at its best.
The most important practices include breathing exercises and toning, yoga poses, meditations, and imagery. I offer sessions and workshops which include those practices. I also invite people for a monthly vegan/raw food meal evening.

When talking about health we often think only of our physical body. Health includes also our emotional  and mental ‘body’. Actually our physical body reflects where our thoughts and emotions are at. So we really need to look at those first of all. Once we do that we find that our thoughts are a collection of belief-patterns, often unconscious, that we have accumulated in our life. They aren’t really ours, nor do they serve us. So hanging on to them is quite ridiculous. Once we see that we can let them go and are ready to come up with new definitions that are more representative of who we really are.

Some time ago the skin on my legs turned to many red scaly patches (a kind of psoriasis) and it got worse by the day. After two months I applied what I wrote above and without a doctor my legs were completely healed within one week.

Bon voyage to natural healing that starts from within!