Mantra Power

The Power of Chanting Mantras

Recently I have been in a very remote place about 120 km north of Terrace, BC. I experienced 'heavy' energies there. For the first several days I was personally affected - every task seemed like a mountainous task.
Then I found out what the history of this place was - Native People had been killed by smallpox and 250 years ago there was a huge volcano eruption, wiping out several native villages and killing over 2000 people. Additionally I was told that this valley is called the 'weeping' valley by the Natives. There is a lot of alcoholism among the present day native people.

After understanding the above I knew this place needs a lot of healing. So I began chanting the Markandeya Mantra, a very powerful Healing Mantra.
It didn't take long and I felt much better. The people around me changed, becoming friendly and co-operative.

I have known about the power of mantras... and I know when mantras are chanted with several other people they have even a more powerful effect.