About Sangita

I grew up in the beautiful Alps in Austria, at the border of Italy and Switzerland. I have always loved the Silence in nature and in my early teenage while studying to be a social worker I wanted to know the Absolute Truth.

At age 19 I had a very profound realization where I recognized everything as One. This moment marked the beginning of the integration of this realization. I joined a spiritual/service organization which was based in India and had centres worldwide.

After teaching Yoga and Meditation for 15 years all over the North American continent as a yogic nun I took up studies in Herbology, Natural Spiritual Healing, Counselling, Bodywork and a variety of other alternative health approaches in Vancouver, BC.
People came for Spiritual Healing, Counselling, and Bodywork during the time when I began family life and while raising my son.

My journey continued and I immersed myself in the non-dual approach (Advaita). The constant watchful awareness and inquiry of this path assisted me in seeing how instrumental emotions and all life situations are (when not resisted) in the ever expanding recognition of Beingness.

In 2007 I participated in the Initiatic Journey with Aurelia Jones in Mt. Shasta, honouring my long-time interest in Beings from other planets. We are not alone in this universe. We are part of our star family and they are reaching out to us as we expand in consciousness.

As Yoga remained an important aspect in my life I felt it was essential to keep current. So I completed 500 hours of the Yoga teachers training at the Prana Yoga College in Vancouver in 2008.

In 2011 I came across Drunvalo Melchizedek's work and the following year I became a teacher of the School of Remembering where I offered Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshops. This was an important cornerstone in my life. 

In 2016 I participated in a 10-day Meditation Retreat and in 2017 a 49-day Yoga and Meditation retreat in Mexico. The long solitary retreat brought me in touch with a deep sense of compassion and I knew that I needed to do spiritual service more effectively to help our suffering humanity. 

Shortly thereafter I was guided to the Aetherius Society. After studying their very unique approach for several months I decided and feel priviledged to serve as a full member  which turns out to be exactly what I was waiting for. The Aetherius Society (
www.aetherius.org) combines spiritual service with spiritual practices. It's founder Dr. George King, in conjunction with Cosmic Masters from other planets, gifted humanity with a very clear path for our evolution. The Aetherius Society with its different spiritual service operations, called King Yoga, is assisting humanity as a whole to make it's way out of the 'dark ages'.


Victoria is my home base. Here I am offering Meditations, individual spiritual healing (contact healing) and distance healing (absent healing), the 12 Blessings (powerful healing prayers given by Master Jesus to Dr. George King), Introductions to the Aetherius Society and classes on Pranayama or Breathing Exercises.