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Meditation on Thursdays

The practice of Meditation is a way to access the essence of Being to a depth that allows more quality in our lives, clarity, vitality etc. usually unnoticed when the focus is on mind chatter. 
If you wish to bring your practice to a deeper level it is suggested that you include service in your life. We do the Twelve Blessings as a spiritual service to humanity, focusing on world peace and spiritual freedom, as well as targeting healing energy to areas of calamities and hardships around the globe. You can learn more about The Aetherius Society at   

The Twelve Blessings Service on Sundays and Wednesdays

This is a spiritual service to all of humanity. It is a very powerful way to aleviate suffering in the world and to raise consciousness in a very effective way. Not only that - one's own inner experience and spiritual progress is astoundingly enhanced.

Yogic Meditative Healing Classes

These classes are about 1 1/2 hours long and assist us to experience total presence, love, peace, joy... They are based on practices of ancient spiritual traditions (Indian and Egyptian, Tibetan). I have learned and practiced them for many years.
They consist of a few gentle yoga poses (for a flexible spine and body) and  breathing exercises geared to heal, energize, master and balance our body and emotions. Through these practices many diseases can be prevented and they promote vibrant health.
We also use specific sounds to open and clear all our chakras, like the chakra root sounds Lam, Vam, etc. and other sounds, generating vibrations for healing and spiritual attunement.
Also part of these classes are healing visualization meditations, some imagery work as well as a guided relaxation at the end of the session. $ 12/session

Individual or group Yoga sessions

Hatha Yoga
Ha means Sun and Tha means moon. Hatha is the balance of our male and female energies. Yoga means to join or union. Hatha Yoga is the original yoga, composed not only of yoga poses but a whole approach to living in tune with everything.

Kundalini Yoga
As the word says—it is the Yoga to awaken the Kundalini energy in our body. A very powerful type of yoga.

Yin Yoga 

The duration in yin yoga postures is extended. Great benefits for bones, ligaments and connective tissue and being present.

All types of Yoga are offered for beginners and advanced students by appointment. Price varies.

Vegan/Raw food Cooking Classes

You can learn how to prepare delicious vegan or raw food meals and enjoy eating them. 
$ 20