My meditation experience

The all-encompassing benefits of Meditation have been explained in many books but nothing gives justice to words other than experiencing it oneself.
My whole life, my health, the way I perceive the world and people have all been vastly changed. The view from an expanded awareness makes it difficult to judge anyone or anything, really. Everything has a place, a time. Nothing really matters and in the same breath everything matters and is interconnected.
I have been drawn to meditation when I was twenty as a student...and I still love meditating or being absorbed in my true nature. The purpose of my life is intricately linked with meditation. It has brought stunning insights and a richness to my life's quality that is not explainable in words.
I started out with a mantra and visualization meditation which covered all of Pantanjali’s yoga components. I was fully immersed in it for over fifteen years and did my best to live what I was teaching.
Later on I learned many other meditation techniques and I found that all methods are 'working'. Even the mere  intention (during silent sitting) on being my natural Self. They have all  brought me to the experience of inner connectedness, wholeness, expansiveness, oneness, harmony, clarity, knowing beyond any doubt, peace, love etc. Basically I experienced through all of them the expanded awareness, the ‘higher’ consciousness of my true nature in unique ways. At a certain point while meditating, ‘meditation’ (saturated with bliss, light, inner fulfilment,…) just happens. At that point there is no particular practice.