Consciousness-opening Experience

While studying in Innsbruck to become a social worker I was crying out to God, wanting to know the Absolute Truth. I experienced the emptiness of superficial talking and superficial living like my experience in a discotheque.
Soon after that my call was answered when I experienced the oneness of all. This was a very powerful experience where I was in an altered state of mind for several months. At the time I had a friend who was also a classmate. We were deeply connected knowing each others' thoughts and feelings.
The trees, the leaves, the dirt, the houses, the streets, the people, everything took on a different beautiful hue. A vibrancy. Everything made sense, I saw how everything was connected and I was able to see beyond the surface, see people’s thoughts and feelings and I realized my calling – service, helping people in finding their true Self.
Knowledge and understanding came forth in a stream … and I knew that everything is inherent in nature. Nature itself is the key to all answers. The main thing is to listen to or understand nature. I knew that I would know all secrets of Life.
I felt limitless and expanded.